Where can I make a reservation?

You can book online at our website, in our agency in San Vito lo Capo, at Via Del Mulino n. 96 and at the partner of travel agencies present in San Vito Lo Capo, up to 12 hours before the departure.

What are the points of departure and arrival?

The starting point in the airports of Trapani and Palermo is at the Arrivals Hall, where you will meet our drivers waiting with billboard by the name of our service. The departure from San Vito Lo Capo is in Via Del Mulino n. 96, offices of our agency.

The point of release in the airport of Trapani and Palermo is directly at the Departures Terminal, whereas in San Vito Lo Capo where our agency is located, in Via del Mulino N. 96.

The payment online is make only by Paypal?

Is possible to pay online with any credit / debit / prepaid or with a PayPal account if you will be in possession.

The service is guaranteed also with only one person on board?

The departure is also provided with a single passenger.

There are expected stops along the way?

The transport service Express Shuttle Sharing is a direct service and does not include any stop on the way.

We are a group, there is a discount? Children have a reduction?

Is not provided a discount for groups and for Tickets roundtrip. Children pay full price tickets ,because they occupy a seat. We offer them for free seats and raised on request, for a more comfortable travel.

There will be other departure times?

The bus schedule is available on our website, there are no other departures/arrivals available other than this.

If my flight arrives late and lose the shuttle, I can be protected in the next route?

Our shuttle has a waiting time of 10 minutes beyond the scheduled time. In eventuality of flight delay you can be rebooked on the next route, subject to availability.

Can I change the time of booking or cancel the reservation and get a refund?

Is possible to change free the time of booking , subject to availability. Free cancellation is expected within 30 days of the departure date selected during the booking process. In case of cancellation within the period specified, we refund by Paypal, net of transaction costs imposed by Paypal system.

How much baggage I am allowed?

Is provided for each persons one checked baggage, and one hand luggage.